As My Pencil Cries Out

Yes, more experimenting with my home studio. This time it is my pencil holder and Twitter mascot, the Red Haired Pencil, to have their time in the glow of my strobe lights. I thought I would throw some humour in it as well.

My dilemma is that I am still missing the hot-shoe adapter for my camera. The best I can do with this dilemma is to have my camera set on Manual (which is normal) and set my camera’s flash to Slow Flash, and have the strobes set to Slave. This is a huge set back for the type of control I need for really tuning my camera to get that shot I want. I cannot sync the flash with my shutter, which means that I cannot control the depth of field as well.  My camera, with the Slow Flash setting, means that my shutter speed is at 1/160, with my F Stop set at 22 (the smallest) becuase at this setting the shutter is so slow, and the light too intense that if the F Stop is opened any wider the shot is overexposed.

Because Sony has a propitiatory Hot Shoe, you need the adapter to work with any other product that uses the standard Hot Shoe. So beware on buying a Sony DLSR becuase of this. I was able to find these Hot Shoe adapters for less than a $6.00 per unit on EvilBay, but I am still waiting for mine in the Post.

One Thought on “As My Pencil Cries Out

  1. Ha ha! This actually cheered me up a bit! 😆

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