Letting Go of 35mm Film

It was so long ago when I had my very first semi pro camera before I switched to digital. It was a Nikon 35mm AF SLR with a 14mm Macro, a 70 to 250mm some lens, and a 50mm Portrait lens that had some weird issues with the aperture inside of it. I think I was the fifth owner of it, as it was heavily used, and the price that I paid for it reflected that, a whopping $200.00 for everything, way back in the late ’90s. This was the last film cannister that I had for it. As you can see It was never developed–as I am sure the film has long since decomposed to nothing inside it, and whatever images were on it long went with it.

Anyway, for some weird reason I kept it. I do not know why, I just kept it. I actually have the box, and plastic container that it came in too.

I am sorry for all those old school die-hearts who wished everything was still analogue, but I do not miss those days. I would never give up my digital camera for those days of film. To freely click each frame and see the results, then fine tune it on your P.C., well, is just too damn convenient. For example, the above image from taking the image with my DSLR, to posting the finished product up on my weblog, was less than 10 minutes. Time and cost are cut way down with digital.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to shoot something that is like product photography, using my home studio, and seeing if I could get something that is close to professional as I can get. I think I have it, or something that is close enough. Tell me what you think, does the above image look like it is of commercial value?

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