Wet Leaves and the Time Change

Oh the joy of it all, the bad weather season, and the time change. We only have two seasons here in Fort Langley: summer and winter. Summer, it is so nice and dry out, while winter, it is cold and damp, literally raining none stop, or at least it feels like that. We either have it good, or it is just the endless grey days of none stop ugliness, the type of weather were you would just want to stay in doors and close all the window binds so you do not have to look at it. Coupled with this onset of misery is the biannual changing of the clocks. Just a few years ago, the government and clock-keepers, with their infinite wisdom decided that we should shift the dates of Day Light Savings time so that it becomes longer, saving more money for both industry and businesses alike as they would see more daylight hours in the Northern latitudes. Today we shift back into normal time, as it should be. I guess I am just grumpy about this changing back and forth becuase it seems to affect me more than others.

The air is moist and cold, the ground is saturated with water, and the trees blend in with the grey Sunless sky. Asking for light to shoot with my camera has fallen on deaf ears–Mother Nature is sometimes so cruel. Still, this is the best that I can do with the tools that I have.

I did not want this post to sound all Doom and Gloom, but as I type, the rain started to let loose for the multiple time today. It is like a roar of drops up on top of the roof, the sound that will make you talk a little bit louder to be heard. It is really hard to block that out of your consciousness when focusing on something. Sometimes I wonder what i would if the roof started leaking–would I go outside and fix it, or just wait out the storm and listen to the drops land in a bucket? Scary.

And just as fast as the rain came, it has slowed down to the normal constant drizzle. There was a little bit of a wind storm too… And what follows of course is the raking of the leaves after they have fallen.

Well, that is it for today’s diatribe on weather and time shifting from Daylight Savings. I cannot guarantee that will not type out reams of text on the topics of my discontent again, but sometimes crying about those little annoyances soothes the irritations enough to make it bearable to live with. Maybe it is just the lack of sunshine, you know, not getting enough vitamin D, or something like that?

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