A Frosty Start to the Day

Well, it is a cold one today. Nice, but it is cold. I was scraping the windshield off from the thick layer of frost that accumulated on it over the night. I guess we are now ushering in the start of winter. The price we pay living in the North.

Though the Sun was out, it was cold. The sky looked so pretty that I wish I could have taken my camera with me and spent the time shooting the Sun rise. Sadly I had to go into work–no turning back on that one, work equals money, money equals living, the cycle continues. I quickly ran outside to take these shots then went back to get ready for work. The Sun, fog, clear sky, I should have phoned in late for work. Kidding! (My boss reads this too).

So, tonight, it is the flannel sheets and pajamas – it is going to be a cold one!

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