Lest We Forget – For the Fallen 1914

A day for Remembrance. Today, in the little community of Fort Langley, many came out to the Veterans Cenotaph located at the cemetery to pay tribute to those from the community who had both severed, and died, in the course of conflict and war. Many stood watching the laying of the wreaths that represented the many individuals, and at 11:00pm all stood silent to remember them. Then came the opportunity for all to lay their Poppies at the Cenotaph.

I was touched when I saw a father with his young children taking them up to the cenotaph to read the names and the inscriptions on the obelisk/base part of the monument. He really explained it well to his children who stood by him and listened. Then they gave their poppies,  resting them on top of the other poppies on the stone, then stood for a moment in their own tribute.

To read the poem “In Flanders Fields,” by John McCrae please go to the Veterans Affairs Canada Website.

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