A Busy Few Days, Here is Why…

Well, it has been a super exciting last few days. For those who live in British Columbia, Canada’s most Western Provence, we had a long weekend, getting the Monday after Remembrance Day off. With that extra time off from work, I was able to get so much done, that even I sit in wonder at it all. Everything from finding a new home to live, to having contact from a long lost relative who I had thought disowned our side of the family. All is good!

OK, first the new home. Yes, I will leaving Fort Langley, but only from the down town area. I will moving to the out-skirts of town, more in the country, about an Eight minute drive from where I am now. I am still in shock becuase it happened so fast. I was actually feeling guilty for now finally leaving my current land lord, but they seemed very receptive to my news–not the answer I was expecting. I am still in disbelief that I still want to meet with my new land lord and give them the first months rent, just to say, it is finally mine. This will be a long Three weeks!

These photos seem to describe my mood right now. So close, so free, yet hung up on the fence that I am stuck here. I am either hanging on, yet hung up at the same time, all while still trying to fall to the ground.

My long lost niece has made contact with me through email. She is the daughter of my “estranged” Sister who had a major falling out with the family over a decade ago and has not spoken since to us. My niece herself now has a daughter of her own, and she sent me (several) photos of her. I am at awe: the next generation. I feel so old now! LOL

Anyway, I hope my niece will continue to keep in touch, and we can share the family news and keep updating ourselves. My other sisters are just as happy to hear the news too. Maybe a visit one day soon?

3 Thoughts on “A Busy Few Days, Here is Why…

  1. I like the analogy of the leaf stuck on the fence. Its an interesting observation 💡

  2. That is nice about your niece. Sometimes, the next generation does the falling out clean up for the previous one. 🙂

    Congrats again on your new place. You’re feelings about moving are totally understandable as 18 years in one place is a long time. It’s so long that even an 8 minute difference is going to be huge. 🙂 You’ll be just great in your new place — I just know it lol.

    I’m like the four year woman myself as that’s how often I seem to move. It’s a bit much for me, but I’ve always been okay each time and grateful for that. I can’t wait to hear about your moving adventures as the three weeks count down!

  3. Ms S., I’m glad you caught that analogy. As the saying goes, “stuck on the fence…”

    Sheri, just keep following the blog. I will post moment by moment as the move progresses. ..and lots of photos too.

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