Me and My 30mm Macro Lens

I was asked the other day why I liked my 30mm macro lens so much. My answer is simple, and it boils down into two parts. First, I love Macro photography. I like getting close to my subjects, and macro photography is certainly that, but these lenses get you a sharpness that I find really desirable. On my camera, Sony 33, (and soon to be A99) the 30mm prime lens is perfect for getting right up to objects, and getting detail and sharpness that most other lenses fail to do. Second, the Sony DT 2.8/30 Macro lens has a minimum focus distance of just around 6mm, and out to infinity! Yes, I can take awesome 1:1 ratio shots, incredibly close up–as seen in some of the flower shots that I have shot.

This is the lens that stays on my camera the most. On my A33, this lens acts more like a 50mm when considering the crop factor of 1.5, but I still have that incredible sharpness for a cheap macro lens. Yes, this is not a top-of-the-line lens, in fact, it is one of Sony’s cheapest, only costing about $200.00 CND.But still, It is a lens that has given me the best bang for my buck. With ab f-stop of 2.8 to F22, I can get some awesome bokeh in my shots – everyone loves bokeh!

3 Thoughts on “Me and My 30mm Macro Lens

  1. Hi Tom,

    Have a look at this before buying A99:

  2. Sony is with 20% more expensive than Canon..

  3. Dan, thanks for your comments.

    I’m already committed to Sony, with all the lenses I have. The A99 would fit nicely into my gear. Yes, I know, Canon is bigger, better, more established, but I think Sony will start to kick some butt in the near future.

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