So Dark Out

I cannot believe how dark it is outside becuase of the storm clouds this afternoon. I am sitting in my office at home, looking out through the windows, and I could swear that it seems like it is either really late in the evening, or super early in the morning–the light outside is that dim. It just started raining around 1:00pm, but this morning I took a walk around the block when there was just the wind kicking up the leaves from off of the trees, and I was amazed at how thick these clouds were/are–it was dark then too.

Even the walk through the trails, through the forest, was really dark, but that did not stop other’s from enjoying their walks through town. Hard to believe that I took this shot around high-noon.

It might clear up a little bit, I mean get a little lighter out for tomorrow. We have another little itty-bitty wind storm coming in, so it could be a “indoor photo shoot” for the rest of the weekend.

3 Thoughts on “So Dark Out

  1. “Bitching about weather” ➡ haha, this is my favourite kind of weather ❗

  2. Thanks SpacePops! I am so looking forward to it. 🙂

    Ms S., if I could box it up and send it to you – I would. I would even consider a trade, even if it were for only one day. I don’t know if the Polar Bears would like it, but, meh, it would be for one day!

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