Blowing Up My Work

Today I tried the on-line services of a big chain store to have my photos blown up to poster size. I set up an account, and then uploaded my test photo to them, and waited. The service said that I would have poster done in about an hour. So I waited for their email.

Within about Forty minutes the email popped up, and off I went to pick up my Poster size photos.

When I got to the photo centre, there was a huge line up of other people waiting to get their photos, or have them printed up. I guess the rule is, do your photos up on-line, then go down to pick them up becuase you will spend less time there. I was able to cut passed Ten people who were wanting to use the printing machines there to print their photos, so that was cool that I was able to save time, and my photos were already printed up for me before I got there. The place a jammed packed-busy!

The lady who was at the counter said that she was really impressed with my photo, saying that it is not very often that they get something with such good quality. I think many people send in images from their point and shoot camera, and want to blow them up to poster size, only to find that the resolution is very poor, and they just threw away $30.00. She said mine turned out really well!

The image cropped to fit the 16 x 20 inch format.

When I got home, and looked at the posters, my jaw dropped. I was impressed–perhaps a little overwhelmed with the quality, thinking, “wow, I did that.”

The original (formatted) JPEG image that I cropped and sent in.

Yes, I realized that I did make one big mistake that I completely forget about. I sent in the JPEG format that my camera creates, not an image from my RAW files, which I should have processes instead. This is not to say my Sony cameras make lousy JPEG images, but that the RAW images are so much better, and they are cropped to the right standard that is needed to print posters.


One Thought on “Blowing Up My Work

  1. Surprised yourself, eh? 😯
    Well done! *Insert Gold Stars*
    This whole order-print business is really cool – but only for people who do take good photos. Not everyday point & shoots like me 🙄
    (And you can see I really like these smilies 😎 )

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