Foot Bridge

This is a post about my latest walk over the foot bridge between Fort Langley and Bedford Landing.

The bridge is really well designed, and the build and materials quality used on it seems of high standard. The colour of the bridge does work well with the surrounding area, and the design of the bridge, and walkway, works well with the railway, the forest and building development on the Bedford Landing side.

People are using it, so it is serving its purpose. This bridge is now, according to the builder that I talked to, part of the Fort to Fort Trail system for public use. The view from the bridge is also quite interesting too.

Perhaps this bridge will meet the requirements of the Railway, and could one day make this stretch of tracks a “non whistle” area for the trains–making the local residence very happy? If the railway company can be confident that people and cars will not enter the railway at non designated points along the tracks, then the trains will stop using their horns to warn people crossing.

4 Thoughts on “Foot Bridge

  1. It’s nice to see these photos as I don’t think I ever walked on this bridge when I lived down there. 🙂

  2. Sheri, the bridge was officially opened during September. I’m not sure if you were here then?

    It’s a nice bridge.

  3. 😎 The builders/architects have certainly done a great job. The view is fantastic, if you hadn’t clarified it I would have thought you climbed a pole or something 😯

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