Moving: The Headaches, the Hassles and the Costs

Moving is not fun. Moving is stressful. Moving is also a lot of work. Moving is something that I do not like doing, and I do it as less-often as possible. I have lived at my current location for a very long time, and although I find many distractions and annoyances here, my unwillingness to relocate to greener pastures always trump my urge to move. Moving requires the ultimate stepping stone, when there is no other alternative. In this case, my landlord sold the property, so I really did not have a say, just a choice: where to move.

I am very fortunate that all the cards have fallen in my favour. Finding a wonderful location to move to, well within the timeframe that I have to move in, was an awesome chain of events. I have had many sleepless nights fearing of waiting up until the last minute finding a place, only to find myself ending up in some low rate spot with a low-life criminal deranged landlord with drug addicted neighbours. So now it is just getting through these next Eight or Nine days until I finally get to wake up in my new digs!

So far the move is going well with the exception of transferring my Internet/Cable, and getting the truck and driver to actually move my belongings from point “A” to point “B” at the agreed time period. I have to be out of here by the end of the month, or I will get charged extra money for staying longer. I do not want that to happen as I would rather save my money instead of renting two places at the time. I also do not want to be without Internet for any period of time—I need my email for work, and my telephone is tied to my Internet. So I need a good solid week to get this figured out.

The Cost is starting to add up. There are fees for transferring everything. I laugh at how that works. Take my Internet for example. My I.S.P. is going to charge me a small fee for changing my address. I am not sure how much it is, but they are going to charge me money for someone to type in my new address for the internet, flick the switch, and have a technician double check my lines. Sure, Okay, but why when the new location already has a line, and it works because the people that were there had the same exact service as I have?

Currently the place I am at now, Seven people have moved out, leaving Twenty-Six (including myself) still on the site. With me leaving, and Two others also leaving, the place will be Thirty Percent vacant, and I only know of only One person moving in for a short stay, so the place is going to be very “empty.” Remember that everyone has to be out by May of 2013 when the new owners take over and start rebuilding.

So, if did not have to move, I would be staying put, right here.

2 Thoughts on “Moving: The Headaches, the Hassles and the Costs

  1. I agree, moving from a place that you’re used to is very hard, but you’ll soon forget as you like your next home already. 🙂
    I remember my last move was completely unplanned & we were forced to leave because of a severe water shortage.
    It seems illogical to charge for transferring your phone line. 🙄 I do hope it gets sorted so you’re not disconnected at all.

  2. Boy, do I hear you! My average time for moving is every four years. This isn’t usually by choice either, but by a change in situation or something. Each time it seems like even more of a hassle with not enough time at the end to be non-stressed and ready before the deadline crunch.

    It’s a lot like planning for exams though. Don’t cram by trying to pack up everything in a few days, but keep doing something substantial every single day. For instance that could be packing two boxes and making arrangements with the post office or Internet providers as you’ve said.

    In the end though, there are few things more exciting than having the feeling of a fresh start. Good luck and I know things will be great for you at your new place! 😀

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