One Year Ago….

It is hard to believe that it has been just over a year ago since I got my first “mirroless” DSLR camera, the Sony A33. My has time changed since then in the my world of photography. With just the kit lens, I must have taken about Five-hundred shots in the first couple of weeks alone with that camera, back in Novermember2011. I think the counter is somewhere around Six-thousand right now on that camera?

The first shot “DSC0001” with the Sony A33. By the way, “Robert,” (I named my plant) is still living, but he now sits outside…, I think he is happy there then he was when he was stuck in the flower pot.

Shot number Two is equally impressive, err, O Kay, for me it was impressive becuase I finally had a digital camera with a half ass good lens, as I was trying to take the camera to its limits. As you can see, I was heavy into the Macro shots right at the beginning.

Finding things to shoot became an obsession after that. I think that is how I focused on flowers so much. Today I am starting to venture into portrait photography of real live flesh and blood people! Who knows, I could get paid to do this?

This post is a diversion from the process of moving. Packing and preparing are starting to take their toll on me. I found out the my trailer may need at least One new tire, at a cost of about Two-hundred Dollars. It just does not end, does it!

3 Thoughts on “One Year Ago….

  1. Hi Robert! You excited about the move? 😉
    Oh the costs of moving – always something to surprise you. 👿
    By the way, Robert is/was awfully good-looking. New photos when you have time, please :mrgreen:
    Portrait photography! I am itching to do it. No models yet. I did however find an interesting subject for macros, I’ll post an album when I’m done.

  2. You still have the plant and its name is Robert? That is great on both counts. 😀

  3. Sheri, yes, I left Robert back in Fort Langley. Sadly, once construction starts on the park, Robert will be up rooted and probably buried as they make way for the new homes. He was the house plant that I never killed while under my watch! LOL

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