One More Sleep at Site 7

The moving process is almost coming to a head, as I have just over Twenty-Four hours left on the clock to vacate my pad, and then to get my butt over to my new site. I am so excited, but also super stressed out. Mostly I am stressing out about my mover, after not hearing back from him, and not getting a confirmed time from him for the actual moving day. He phoned me on Tuesday thinking that he was coming down for Thursday, which left my jaw dropping to the ground as I stood shocked for a moment, and then I quickly corrected him about the date–FRIDAY. I am still wondering if he got the complete message when we talked—he was on his cell phone.

Tonight’s workout will be boxing and arranging stuff inside the trailer. Then I have the yard to clean up tomorrow. I wish that there was more sunlight to work with in the afternoons–my window for good light will last up until about 4:30pm. Added to this, we are foretasted to get periods of heavy rain for tonight and tomorrow.

The rush to get out by tomorrow night is so that I do not get charged for the daily rate for where I am currently staying, Site 7. The Landlord has told me that he will charge me about $50.00+ per day once my monthly charge has laps. So, for December First, if I am still on the premises, the new rate will start—I do not want that. This is why I must get out of there by the end of the month!

The mover should be at my location by tomorrow morning, around 10:30AM. I have taken most of tomorrow off from work, so I can spend the whole day working with the driver, and then back to work/office to get everything back to normal for December First. I still have to deal with some Banking, and work related issues that I have to be at the office for, so lots of running around, and cutting my time down to the second as I have to rush from down-town, back to Fort Langley, then off to Glenn Valley (just outside of Fort Langley). It is going to be a fun day.

I am really hoping for a “No Surprise” day tomorrow. I am sore (from moving) and stressed out (from dealing with people for the move), and I just want to go back to bed and sleep for Three days! Stay tuned….

3 Thoughts on “One More Sleep at Site 7

  1. Hope this last lap in the obstacle course will go well! All the best! 🙂

  2. Thanks Ms S! I hope so too!

  3. Yes, “people for the move” always seem to be on a different time table than what you’ve arranged with them for some reason! That is very true in just about all of my experiences with moving.

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