It is done. It is finally over. The move is complete, and I am exhausted. The preparations before the journey were far more stressful than the actually journey, but nonetheless, there were moments while moving the trailer (full of my worldly things) where I thought the driver would have to pull over and wait for other traffic to get by, making my timetable go right off the rails, but the trip went good–very slowly.

I was Four hours behind scheduled. The driver completely got mixed up with his appointments, and left me sitting for Four hours while I had to hope that all the other people who were waiting for me would stay as the day progressed. But, as Murphy’s Law goes, everyone else were running late too! So my phone and Internet are working today, and the electric is working great too. The Shaw (Cable guy) was actually waiting for me when I returned with the last of my things.

So, I am now a country boy! This is going to be freaky not hearing the trains rolling on by anymore. How am I going to sleep? LOL!

4 Thoughts on “Moved

  1. Looks like everything has turned out well, and yay for internet & electricity! 😎
    I know what you mean about the trains, I’m used to having airplanes overhead, so if the air traffic is diverted or very low, it feels like something is seriously wrong. 😯
    💡 So, when is the house-warming party?

  2. when will be the party? for your new place?

  3. Dan, you missed it. It was three weeks ago. LOL!

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