The First Full Day In My New Digs

This was the view this morning as I stepped out from my font door.

I had to find a place that matched the colour of my Pathfinder. 🙂

I love it here. The landlord is so nice (cool) and so far, all of the people that I have met are really nice too.

The goats across the road keep looking at me. When I come home from after a drive, they walk over to the fence and stare… very creepy. (“baa baa baaaaaa – I want to chew on your Pathfinder,” say the goats). Oh, and I heard a rooster this morning too, but he sounded like he had some sort of sore throat going as his call was a little rusty. The rooster maybe a smoker?

3 Thoughts on “The First Full Day In My New Digs

  1. Okay, now I am picturing a rooster smoking with a cigarette clasped in his skinny bird foot. LOL. I’m glad you like it there. Congrats on your move.

  2. :mrgreen: It is a truly grand place. Its almost winter, still plenty of green…
    Goats! You’ll get used to each other. Smoking rooster, honestly. I am inclined to think its just got a sore throat.

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