I Saw the Sun This Morning!

After Two days of complete overcast skies, and at times, pounding rain, the Sun made a brief appearance just as I got home from doing my laundry this morning. These are Two shots right outside by the patio. The Sun was out for about an hour before the clouds moved back in and followed with a burst of rain (downpour) for the next Three hours.

Awe yes, doing laundry now requires me driving out to laundromat. Perhaps it is time to buy a washer and dryer. But, doing the laundry does give me an excuse to get out to my old neighbourhood to visit, so I will keep driving out there until they finally close it down in May of 2013. However, if I see a really sweet deal on a laundry machine, then doing laundry at home will make my life better in the long run.

2 Thoughts on “I Saw the Sun This Morning!

  1. Did you ever get my e-mail that I sent you last month?

  2. YES!!!!!!!
    The photos are on their way – sent them last Thursday, as soon as you gave me your address. I gave Suzy and Mother your email address too.


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