Despite the Sogginess, Life Marches On, and The Old IGA is Coming Back!

Despite the rain and sogginess of the last couple of weeks, life marches onward, although I sure have noticed how much more expensive it is getting in general. The short days are miking it hard to get things done here at my new home, as my time at my work has started to increase, and darkness has now started at 4:30pm. It is practically dark now when I get home, leaving just enough daylight to get about a half hours worth of stuff done. Winter is just around the corner, so I know once Solstice is here, the days will quickly start getting longer again-hope, is knowing that the seasons will change.

Costs are starting to soar, I have noticed. Of course media news outlets have being announcing this for several months now as North America seems to be headed down the path that Europe is already on. Canada seems to be the land of smugness and complacency as many people that I know seem to think that we are all different than that of the United States when it comes to whose country is better run. I think that this smugness will quickly evaporate once the new year starts, and credit card companies start asking for their money from their customers, and Banks will contract tighter than a diamond making machine. I am preparing for a second wave of rescission, and have postponed large spending on my part. Sorry Banks, it seems that it maybe at least Five more years before you have me as a customer again.

A good example of sudden costs increases I see are in the service industry. I friend of mine who works as a Gas-Fitter, just cranked up his prices by a whopping Thirty-Seven percent to deal with higher government fees, higher fuel charges, and of course the tolling of the bridges here in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver area. His customers are very upset with this, but it seems every Gas Fitter has followed suit.

Government service fees have also risen. My Driver’s License has climbed up to Seventy Five dollars, and my Auto Insurance jumped a few percentages too–about a Fifteen dollar jump every Three months. I am just the consumer, I have to eat those costs as I cannot pass those on to someone else. Some food items are going up too, like coffee, some meat products, and stuff we import. I will feel very sorry for those who have borrowed money from the Banks once the Prime Interest Rate starts to climb up also in the near future. Next to Government, I trust Banks even less on what they say–market economies are like that–people always changing after money and profits, to the point of going into debt.


So, on the Ninth of this month (this Sunday) the Old IGA store will open finally, since the fire back in January of 2010. It will be named Lee’s, and it be somewhat of a relief for those who live in Fort Langley. I am worried about their prices compared to making the trip into Langley City to shop at the Big-Box Stores. I suspect that my trips into Langley City will still continue as shopping there does save me a lot of money. But, for those emergencies, it will be of great convenience to have the store back again.

One Thought on “Despite the Sogginess, Life Marches On, and The Old IGA is Coming Back!

  1. Hey Tom …..congrats on your new place……and thanks for the info on the IGA. I’ll be heading over there on Sunday to check it out.

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