Ice – Winter is Coming

The temperature dropped below freezing last night here on the “Farm.” Although it was just a light dusting of frost, it made for treacherous walking conditions on the patio as I headed off to work on my broken furnace situation. Yup, broken furnace, something I did not need on a night like last night, yes, ice the patio deck–bad times or what? But all is good–furnace fix-it guy came out and made everything right. I will have a warm and snuggly night with lots of heat.

We seem to get the cold when it clears up. I guess the clouds really do trap the heat in, but also, this means that the air is not coming from the South West off of the pacific Ocean, but instead from the North East, or “out flow” winds as the meteorologists like to call it. I did see the stars, and they were pretty after not seeing them for so long. At least it does appear to warming up outside.

What is scary is that on the weather website, the “snow” icon is up for tomorrow. This means that every idiot will be out on the roads with their summer tires, trying to get to where they want to go, while speeding. It is actually fun to see. I drive a Four-Wheel drive truck, so I can get through the snow with no troubles at all–plus I have the good tires on. But these small little cars with no tread on their tires, well it just makes for some good entertainment on the roads, if you are not in a hurry to get anywhere.

Ice on my patio table. Very slippery on the patio deck!

OK, must go. Still unpacking and putting stuff away from the move. I have so much junk.

3 Thoughts on “Ice – Winter is Coming

  1. The first photo actually looks like it might be from the surface of a pond or something.
    Driving Entertainment! Hahaha! 😀 Safe driving in those conditions!

  2. LOL. Think of the first photo as a Two Cementre deep pond. 🙂

  3. your new place is going to look nice in the spring/summer months. I just may have to come for visit.

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