Fort Langley’s Grocery Store is Back and is Open for Business

After nearly Two years, Fort Langley now has its grocery store back. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place this morning, officially opening the store for business, and the turnout was great as many shoppers were eager to grab their shopping carts and start shopping. Seeing Peter and Judy was so great, and seeing them again in their moment of happiness as they greeted everyone in the store as they came in for the opening was awesome. The town of Fort Langley seems complete once again.

Even the Mayor and other elected officials were there giving speeches, and helped with the ribbon cutting ceremony as the Lee family cut the ribbon marking the opening.

The store looks very modern. I checked the store out just before the official opening, and I was very impressed. The layout seems very practical, and it seems that the store can handle a lot people (shoppers). I like the idea that the store is keeping a “local” theme, even the canoes and wooden barrels on top of the isle are in keeping with Fort Langley’s historical post. The store’s claim is that they will offer locally grown products, may help supporting the local economy, and I hope shoppers give them a chance.

It is so nice to see the friendly faces and having the grocery store back in Fort Langley. Peter Lee, in above photograph, is probably one of the happiest people in town as he now has his store back up and running! I know many other’s are excited about it too.

I for one am very happy that I can shop once again without going all the way out to Walnut Grove or Langley City. Welcome back Lee’s Market, we missed you!

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