Photos of a Rain Drenched Land

It rained today, and then it tried to snow, but then it changed again back to rain, but this time with ice pellets mixed in until it got warmer, and it has been raining ever since. I am still moving in, so to speak, unpacking and getting my life re-organized. It has been Fifteen days since I moved in here, and I have only the weekends to do anything here, meaning it is very slow going. At my work, I had the week from Hell these last Five day, as my job drained every last bit of energy out of me from all the stress. So, this morning I took some time off from my unpacking, and did some shooting.

Colour Against the Grey Skies Dec 15 2012 small

As you can see in the photos that the likelihood of it snowing soon is very slim, and leaving a dump of of snow on the ground over the next while is very slim. It is still too warm for snow, but still cold enough for it to snow. It could happen in the next while, having a while start to winter, but I am predicting that the majority of the winter season is going to be like this-brown.

The Tree That Will Not Let Go of Its Leaves Dec 15 2012 small

I still have so much work to do until I have fully “moved” in. I am still sorting through books, emptying out boxes, and putting thing away. Also funny, are all those items that I thought I lost over the years, and they magically appear today. Anyway, I figure that I will not have everything finished until the New Year. Just not enough time in the day.

December Trees Dec 15 2012 small

Work. OK, it has been like Hell. Our website and email got hacked–literally. We were shut since last Saturday, up until Wednesdays afternoon. Everyone’s nerves are frayed, and stress levels are at an all time high. I am still playing catch-up with all the tasks that I am behind on. I hope Monday is way better!

2 Thoughts on “Photos of a Rain Drenched Land

  1. What a rough week! 😯
    Certainly hope all the issues are resolved soon, and you’ll have some time to relax & dedicate to your new home.
    All the best.
    As for the photos, I always find them refreshing. The second one in particular – with its scattered raindrops and gnarled branches, red leaves. Very pretty!

  2. Your photos are beautiful Tom! Tom, you know what I’m going to say, and even though we may know what you mean, change that “dernched” to “drenched” before I scream.

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