Runner Up for the Winter Logo 2013

I am trying to create a new logo for my photos for this upcoming season, winter 2013. So far I have narrowed it down to this one, a fairy/pixie kind of woman with a wand, and fiery wings. Obviously the logo will be much smaller on each photo posted here on the weblog; probably looking at a 150 x 100px size, or Seventy-five percent smaller that what you see below.

The logo is partially translucent, and is in a Vector-Graphic format so that it can be easily over-laid on top of the images when editing.

Let me know what you think, the good, the bad, or just some piercing comments?

2 Thoughts on “Runner Up for the Winter Logo 2013

  1. Haha, seems the fairy doesn’t feel the cold?!
    I like it, on it’s own. But as a logo – I’m not sure, could you post a sample photo with this logo on it?

  2. Sure, I’ll tweet it to you.

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