Four Photos From Around My Yard Today

This post is about Four photos that I took from around my yard this morning. As you tell, it has been a very soggy late fall, and I am wondering if this will spill over into the winter season. Anyway, the clouds cannot cover the Sun forever, and sooner or later, it will warm up again. With the Solstice taking place this coming Friday, that the hope is that with the days growing in minutes again, so will the average of good weather.

The Pond with the Plastic Duck Dec 17 2012

This (the above image) is just in front of my kitchen window right by the brook. Yes, that is a real live plastic duck floating in that pond. There are about Twenty plastic animals scattered around the yard, from fake birds in trees to creepy squirrels on tree stumps, they are everywhere.

The Brook Dec 16 2012

This is the brook that just appears right out of the side of the hill behind my place. This is a natural spring.

Happy Mushrooms Smothered by Maple Leaves Dec 17 2012

I think the mushrooms are asking me to rake the leaves away so they can enjoy their moment?

The Sunken Bath-tub Dec 17 2012

OK, I am still asking “why” on this one, as in why is there a bath-tub buried in the ground at the end of my driveway? Anyway, the focus effect on this shot is just like what you would get with the Tilt-Shift Lens. Very cool effect.

One Thought on “Four Photos From Around My Yard Today

  1. “… real live plastic duck” – so why are there so many plastic animals? Lack of actual wildlife? 😕
    Yes, that tilt-shift effect is so cool 😎
    Everything is so lovely, in spite of you complaining about the weather – I feel something like jealousy! 😉
    There’s hope for even better scenery in the coming months, and seasons!

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