Shooting at Night

I was doing some night shots from my back yard. I was using my 30mm wide angle lens for this at ISO 100 with a 25 second exposure. I like the colour in this shot.

Shooting at Night Dec 18 2012

Shooting at Night Dec 17 2012

I tried both my 30mm and 18mm lens, but the clouds really moved in so I called it quits after I put on the 18mm. This was one of the best shots from about 10 shots that ranged from 15 seconds exposures to 30.

4 Thoughts on “Shooting at Night

  1. @Ms S, ….And just think, I took this around 6:00pm.

  2. Do you have snow Yet?

  3. Nope! Just a lot of wind and rain. (7:00pm)

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