First Dump of Snow for 2012-13 Season

It snowed today. The snow was not as bad as I thought it would have been according to the Weather Office, but the city did go through its moments of road closures and accidents, plus power outages and other weather related events throughout Metro Vancouver. There were, as I predicted, people who were totally unprepared for the little bit of snow that we did get. Summer, or bad tires, and drivers who are not confident driving in snowy conditions were everywhere, but that is normal, and the trick is–to spot them and avoid.

Snowy Bush Dec 19 2012 small

My place had very little snow compared to Langley City. There was a huge difference in weather from Fort Langley to Langley City. It seems that the further South I went, the more snow I encountered. Elevation played a part in this too, as I seen cars with lots of snow covering them coming from places like South Surrey, and Aldergrove.

The Port Mann bridge was closed today (CBCnews) also as it was reported to be covered with ice on the bridge-deck, and ice and snow was falling from the guide-wires hitting cars, crashing through windshields, and even injuring Two people. This is our latest of band new (toll) bridges, and the Port Mann bridge is part of the Trans Canada Highway network, so it is a major link for the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver area. I wonder if the designers and engineers factored ice buildup on the guide wires over the bridge when they submitted the plans in for a approval? I guess the Courts will sort that for them now as the claims start pouring in.

This is storm number One, and there are more expected–here we go!

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