Happy Solstice!

It is finally that time, marking the winter season, and the shortest day of the year. What is significant for me about the Winter Solstice is that after today, the days will keep getting longer for the next six months—a new beginning, ushering in a gradual return to warmer happier days. Sure, it is now winter, but in Twelve weeks, the warmth will start to take over our Northern land!

Today also marks the end of the Mayan Calendar, which some believed to be the start of the end of the world, or “The End” because the Mayan Calendar ends after today. It is amazing how a bunch of fear-mongers can capture the media in this day and age with these theories. Looking at my Twitter feed, I see a lot of people poking fun at this event, and even myself, I will be going to a Solstice Party with the Astronomy Club, which is jokingly called “The End of the World” party.  I should also add that a couple of our “religious” members have declined from going to this party due to their beliefs and convictions on the topic. I am going purely because it is a science based club, and science often needs a bit of humour in it.

I will be super busy today. Work, partying and still unpacking, time is of the essence. I am so looking forward to this weekend. So, enjoy this day, and enjoy the ever lengthening days of winter and spring!

ADDED: It is about Five minutes before midnight, and I just got home from the party. It was wonderful, and it was great to get out and meet with my old friends and colleagues. Although it was not a great night for telescope viewing, we had a good time anyways.

Orion at Solstice Dec 21 2012

In this shot I used my 30mm Macro lens, and slightly set the focus out a bit so that the stars would look bigger than normal. My settings are: ISO100 F2.8, at Twenty Second exposure, shooting in RAW, using Darktable Photo Workflow Software to edit and convert to PNG. This of course is the constellation Orion, at about 6:20pm today at Surrey, British Columbia. Orion was sitting about Twenty degrees from the horizon, almost due South.

2 Thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

  1. 🙂 That party sounds cool.
    Interestingly, I realised, it is “The End” for those people who have died on this day.
    Anyway, have fun and hopefully I’ll have a new album up soon 😎

  2. Happy solstice!!!
    I am back to work… It looks like I am working the night shift all this year and into the next. So if I don’t get a chance to talk to you during this time. Happy Holidays Bro 😉

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