Work, Work, Work, the Wonderful Wonderland of Work

The point of this post is to let everyone know that I will be working the next Six days, none stop, probably working extended shifts too, and I may not be around to meet and greet everyone. I usually take this opportunity to earn up to Three times what I normally make during a regular work week, so I have to take advantage of this golden opportunity. I do not celebrate nor belong to any religion, so this period is just a bunch of long weekends that I can capitalize on. I can pay off a lot of bills during this time.

For most, this is the holidays, but for me, this is the time to kick my life into high-gear and earn the highest wage that I can, based on my entire annual income. Yes, I will be working straight for the next Six days. Today is the “slow” day, but tomorrow I will be working the day shift doing manning the phones doing customer support and general inquiries at my Abbotsford job. The rest of the week will be work a usual here in Langley. Then Saturday will be another day of “double time” payday, as my Abbotsford job will start their Year End work for that weekend.

A warning to my visitors going to my home during the next week: please heed these warnings, or forever be disappointed if you get no reply. I know some like to do random visits around this time of year. I get this a lot, the spur-of-the-moment visitor who likes to pop in and say “hi.” Unfortunately, due to the high rate of break-ins and vandalism this time of year in our area, my home will be under surveillance by the Landlord, and by my other neighbour on the property. This means that one of them (more than likely my Landlord) will intercept and stop you if you arrive uninvited. The gate will be closed and locked. So please give me advance warring if you are coming over to visit! Even if my lights are on, and I am at home, you may not get through the gate as I do not control the intercom or have access to it.

I will have my Twitter on most of the time this week. I can be reached by Twitter and email most of the time during the day, or by phone late in the day when I am at home.

So, for those who are celebrating Christmas tomorrow, Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time no matter how you spend it. Remember that we have New Years still to come, so save some energy for that holiday! Cheers everyone!

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