Playing With Blender

I was a little late upgrading to the new Blender 2.65a, but I just did it today, then created this little image to test it out. The Blender team said that they fixed over Forty bugs in the software, and whatever they fixed, the program seems to run even better on my machine than the previous version. I like it!

Thomasso Doing Blender on Dec 25 2012 small

Perhaps one day I will sit down when I have lots of time and start working with Bender creating some animations. One problem that I have with Blender is that it is a very large and sophisticated program, and I would need several hundred hours just to learn and fully understand all of its function and properties.  I have seen some (very close to Hollywood) productions made with Blender, so one day I would like to create something fun like a weird animation. But that is me, I like “weird” in some respects.

If you want to run Blender, go to their web site, it is free and it runs on most platforms, including latest Window$. It runs flawlessly on Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10. Click here for Blender!

Added: December 28, 2012

Here are Two more images that I worked on with Blender.

thomasso logo 155 dec 26 2012 small

Above image is what I like to call, “Thomasso Stuck in Some Milky Goo.” Below, is a chrome rendition of my logo set on a chrome surface. I got the idea from another Bender tutorial, except that I added a lot of my own elements to this scene, such as Four light sources, and I tweaked the font up a lot from the original using Font-Forge (Linux).

Thomasso Chrome Dec 28 2012 small

I like the chrome logo a lot, but a couple of my colleagues say it is a bit to “tacky” for the blog. Perhaps they are jealous, or they are correct, but I like it enough to post it here–I doubt that I will use it for anything else.

3 Thoughts on “Playing With Blender

  1. Who says Weird? Its fantastic! You’re so good with this stuff – it baffles simple minds like mine 😉

  2. The chrome logo is really neat. 😎 Use it!

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