Reflections on Past Decembers 29s

Unlike New Years, or Winter Solstice, today marks a pretty important day this time of year for me. This is where I will open my life up to the world and explain why today is so significant. A number of events have happened to me throughout my life that have occurred on this date, and I am sure as I move forward through time into the future, there will be more significant December 29s to come.

The most significant December 29 took place way back when I was just out of high school, and I moved out of the nest, and plunked myself in the great big wide world called independence. Moving out of the protection of one’s parents into a world where it is just you, and no one else, you learn fast to watch your back, and consequently growing up real fast in the process. I learned fast that the labour market, and dealing with the government, are perhaps two of the most negative experiences I had once embarking out into the world for the first time. These Two organizations took full advantage of my ignorance back then, and ever since, my trust with employers and Government has always been at Zero. It was not until I finished University that I started to turn the tables, and the doors of trust started to open up again between myself and these Two entities. Knowledge is Power, (Micheal Foucault).

The second most significant December 29, took place back Six year ago when I left the job from HELL, a position that I held for nearly Thirteen years. I planned it out, as I knew that my then employer was going to have me moved into another department that I had expressed absolute opposition to being placed in. Several weeks prior to that decision (I had advanced warning) I started searching for new employment. Then it was a matter of waiting for the manager to approach me with the news; and it came. I will never forget the conversation. He barked out the order, and replied with, “Here is my Two weeks notice.” He looked so stunned, like a crack addict loosing his fix down the toilet, and then he started screaming profanities at me. I got up, walked out of the building and went home. I felt so sorry for him–he was trying to make his mark with the corporation, but apparently I created a major set back for him with my sudden departure. I guess even the greedy corporate dictators forget that we live in a free county, as an employer can fire, but an employee can quit too.

December 29, 2007 fiscal, was the day that I owned my current home outright. Yes, the title was transfered over to me, with the final acquisition of Six Thousand dollars payed to the financing company (that I shall not name). It was not that I finally owned the trailer that is significant, but how I paid for it. I cashed out Ten, One ounce gold coins, and transfered then them into cash, then wired the money to the financing company in one payment. The financing company had a rule that they would hold any amount over the intended payment amount, and then would continue to subtract the money from the over payment to keep the payment/interest scheme going. I had found out that in Canadian law, a buy-out can be implement, even within a contract that says otherwise, so I took them task on that and sent them my draft note and demand letter. I think their lawyers figured it out, and a week later the title was mailed to me on December 29th of that year.

In conclusion, there are other events in my life that have taken place on this date in my short history, but these are the Three biggies. I am sure there are more events to come for December 29, only time will tell. I am also sensing that you are probably wondering why this date is so bizarre. Simply put, today is most commonly the last business day before the start of the New Year. I like to plan events on or near this date so that I can start the next coming year fresh, but sometimes things just happen this way. Happy New Year!

4 Thoughts on “Reflections on Past Decembers 29s

  1. LOL, I just caught that.

  2. How embarrassing, letter ‘i’ missing in my tweet! 😳
    Hopefully next year we’ll make lesser typos and take better photos and make the most of our cameras etc.

    Thank you for all your photos and advice – looking forward to more. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  3. I won’t tell if you don’t! Missing an “i” is no big deal on Twitter. But on a blog, well, that’s another story, with lots of “i”s in it.

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