From Fog to Sun, Then Back to Fog Again

Finally some nice shooting weather. The sky was clear, but becuase it got so cold last night, when the Sun came up and the wind changed direction, the fog rolled in like thick pea soup. The effect of the fog was awesome, as you see in the photos I took.

Farm House in a Field of Fog Fort Langley Dec 30 2012 small

I waited all month long to get this shot. This old house is so cool looking. When I first moved here, there was fog, and I saw the house like it is now, so I put this on my list of things to shoot list. When I finished my “to-do” list (running around in town stuff) this morning, I waited for the Sun to climb higher in the sky to get this shot. The fog kept rolling in, changing my light levels. The light would go from F4, down to F11 in just a few seconds, as layers of fog rolled in over this field.

Fort Langley Fog Dec 30 2012 small

This is the hill that I now live beside. As soon as the Sun hit the trees, the fog rolled in a wave. This flat area is the stream bed that runs past my place. There is a cool looking bridge that the driveway runs over that I will have to wait to get good light to shoot it with. Later I will post photos of the actual stream.

Added: About the first image. See below.

Foggy Farm House in Fort Langley Dec 30 2012 small

OK, I had to add this image because a few of my on-line friends think that I photo shopped the first image of the farm house in fog. The first shot, I used a 200mm lens. This shot (above) I used a 30mm Marco lens. I assure you that this is the genuine article –  a real farm house surrounded by fog, not some photoshopped/GIMPed creation I had time for.

One Thought on “From Fog to Sun, Then Back to Fog Again

  1. Wow ❗
    The fog makes everything look so… dramatic. The second photo actually looks like a painting…
    Looking forward to the rest of these foggy shots.

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