Good Bye 2012!

As I type, there are still about Five hours to go with 2012, so looking back, I am rating this year as a Five out of Ten. Sure, I kept working while it appeared that the company that I was working for seemed to lose traction and laid off over half of its staff in August. Sure, I moved, as my old place was sold to developers, just a month ago. Sure, I had huge leaps with my photography, as I am starting to make money with it. In all, this year has been more about stagnation than leaping forward with growth or accomplishments. I would sum up this year as, “average.”

New Year 2013 from Thomasso

So, I have the New Year to look forward to. Here is to a new year, and hopes that it becomes way better than the one that is passing. CHEERS everyone, Cheers!

ADDED: More photos from my December 30th walk.

The Creek Dec 30 2012 small

This is the creek that my driveway goes over. There is a little bridge, and when it is not so muddy, I will walk down to it and get some shots of it from the creek. The bridge is neat looking. Apparently it is very old, built back in the Sixties.

Fog in the Forest Dec 30 2012 small

The field, looking down stream of the flood plane from that little creek. The mountains are blocked by the fog in the distance.

4 Thoughts on “Good Bye 2012!

  1. ➡ New Year, new hopes. I do hope 2013 will rate better for everyone.
    Your little fairy logo makes the first photo seem ‘quixotic’…

  2. Happy New Year to you too.

    Regarding the logo: yes, I’m working on a back-up, or second logo to work with photos like that one.

  3. Well, this is late, but I wish you a very happy 2013. I like the color graphics on your 2013 numbers. I am back after a terrible start to the New Year! Anyway, sorry to disappear off the planet like that. 😥

  4. Hey Sheri, Happy New Year to you too. I’m sure 2013 will be better.

    About the Graphic, I knew you’d like the purple in it. LOL!

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