What Says My Crystal Ball for 2013

As I look into my crystal ball, I see for 2013, lots of raking… and…

Crystal Ball 2013 thomasso small Jan 01 2013

Trying to predict what will happen for this new year of 2013 is like me trying to predict what the weather will be like on August 10, 2013. It is just not going to happen. I just do not have that kind of insight. So, I can yell you what I would like to see, and what could possibly happen. So here it goes.

More economic uncertainty. It appears that all levels of government are going to crank up taxes. This, coupled with huge household debt, I see as a major catalyst of keeping the stagnation going, even pulling a lot of people into crisis mode, as we move forward with austerity and debt problems. For myself, I have eliminated all of my debt, but the issues of staying employed becuase many businesses are just staying afloat, is my major concern. If the majority of people have no disposable income left to spend, then the hit on overall growth, I see, will creep into every facet of everyone’s pay cheques/incomes. Sure, I have savings, but that would only carry me for a while, as I still need income. I could downsize even further, cut more costs on my living expenses, but how far do you go before you are living on the street?

I see raking, and lots of it. Living out here on this farm has its benefits, but with benefits come responsibilities. With nearly a couple of hectares of lawn to care for, raking, lawn mowing, and landscaping are a sure bet in the months and possibly years to come.

A lot of photography to come in the near future for me. One sure bet is my love of the camera, and advancing my photography into a whole new realm, is where I like to be in the next few weeks to months. I have started to make money with my photography–as hard as it is for me to believe it–people are interested in my art. I have invested heavily in my photography over the last Two years, and it appears that this investment could potentially pay off for me in the near future. I am starting to shoot portraits now. Having the space to set up a studio is a huge boon to my hobby. I need a beautician, as I am finding that having someone to do makeup, hair and clothing goes hand-in-hand with production studio work.

Also on the employment and career department, I am still searching for that job working in the field of Criminology. I am just waiting for my fellow countrymen to vote out the current Federal Government, so a new one can reinvigorate the criminal justice system. The Cons (Conservatives) seem way to unorganized and unwilling to tackle the tough issues with our criminal justice system. I really like to see changes with overall policies, and a proper budget for the Courts and Corrections.

Preparing for higher taxes in 2013. I figure that on my next paycheque I will see about Eighty-Six dollars less on it as the new punitive measure kick in from government(s). That hit will be harsh for me for the overall month to month budgeting. Sure I will manage, but it will also mean less spending money into the economy, and yes, this means buying more across the boarder in the United States to counter the taxes. Gasoline and some food stuff are the Two big items that I buy. Fortunately consumers still have choices, so why not take advantage of them.

So, this is all that I can think of right now. I am ready for the new year. Bring it on!

3 Thoughts on “What Says My Crystal Ball for 2013

  1. I think it is awesome that you are shooting portraits. You should consider selling prints of your landscapes and photos the stars too. Best of luck in the new year!

  2. So much Raking 😯
    😎 No surprise that people are buying your photos! I’m pretty sure you’ll sell many more.
    You don’t need a beautician you could do with photoshop! Haha 😈
    Even though you anticipate some problems, its good that you know what they are and how to work around them.
    All the best.

  3. My wish is that you’ll land a criminology related job in 2013. You never know if you keep trying to connect the dots towards it lol. 🙂

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