Rained Out – Wheelbarrow Fun

I bought the wheelbarrow and rake, plus a garden-hose, today for my continuous yard care obligations here at my little piece of Paradise out in the boonies. The Wheelbarrow, rake, and hose cost me just a tad under Eighty Dollars. Was this worth the investment?

WheelBarrow Full of Fun - The Raking Express Jan 06 2013 small

The above image was taken with my tiny point and shoot Kodak M1063 10.3 mega pixels camera. It had just started to rain like crazy, as at this point I called it quits after my Twenty-Forth wheelbarrow load of leaves.

The wheelbarrow is small. I wanted a small one becuase I felt I could handle it better, and have little effort storing it in the small shed that I have access to. I feel the wheelbarrow is a perfect match for me, but it is small, meaning that I make more loads/trips to the compost pile than if I have purchased a larger one. So price and size were well within my grasp; I need the exercise.

The rake was on sale. I wanted a metal rake rather then a plastic one. I now know the difference between the two types of rakes–the metal ones out performed the plastic rakes–hands down. An awesome investment for just Eight Dollars!

The garden hose was something that I needed anyways. I need more distance to clean my trailer, Pathfinder and to water the shrubs when the summer time starts. The hose was an awesome deal, really surprising me; A Twelve Metre hose for Seven Dollars is just sweet!

These piles of leaves look deceiving. They look small, but each pile of leaves was about Eight wheelbarrow trips. I think next time I rake, I will make smaller piles, but more of them. Actually, now that I have the wheelbarrow, I will just rake and load, and skip the pilling part. Way less labour if I do things that way.

There–today’s raking, lawn experience, here at Thomasso Land!

3 Thoughts on “Rained Out – Wheelbarrow Fun

  1. Lots, and lots of excercise!

    I really enjoyed this post! : :mrgreen:

  2. This was interesting to read since I know nothing about shopping for wheelbarrows, rakes or hoses lol. 🙂

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