Frosty Butt, I am Happy

I slept like a log last night. I am just over worked, still fighting this bladder infection, so everything I do is requiring Ten times more energy, so sleeping in was the plan. But do you think I could sleep in?

Morning Freeze image 03 Jan 12 2013 small

Nope! I was up way before the crack of dawn. I looked outside through my kitchen window and saw the thermometer registering a cool -8/9C. Like a fool, or die-heart photographer, I went outside in my slippers and housecoat to shoot the Sun as it came up. These were some of the shots I got.

Morning Freeze Jan 12 2013 small

Yes, it is way too cold for gardening and lawn care work right now. LOL!

Morning Freeze image 02 Jan 12 2013 small

Another shot of the Sun coming up this morning, a neat bokeh effect while focusing on the tree branch.

I think I will just do some cleaning around the house for today. Maybe tonight I will head outside and do some yard cleaning?

3 Thoughts on “Frosty Butt, I am Happy

  1. Feel better soon!
    The photos: Wow.. wow.. wow!

  2. 😆 Who is “frosty butt?”
    –Love the close up of the icy leaves! — Great photog work!

  3. Sheri, it is my frosty butt. LOL

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