No Hosing the Patio Off Today – Frosty Hard and Stiff!

The Sun was wonderful. The trees, lawn, driveway, all of it looked like a different world with the frost covering everything, just so cool (lack of a better word). No yard work is going to happen today. The garden hose was still stiff/hard as a rock with frost by noon, as the temperature only reached a high of 0C.

Ice Crystals on a Garden Hose Jan 12 2013 small

The ice crystals look neat, pretty in fact,  but they do not help me wanting to clean the patio off. I fear that if I move the hose, it will break from the cold, and I just bought this, so that is excuse No #3 for not going outside and work! Just as well, I prefer to stay indoors and watch the Sun from inside.

Frost Bitten Plants Jan 12 2013 small

Added: With the Sun almost gone, I decided that I would try some outdoor shots with an external flash. I set the flash at TTL (through the lens) and set my camera to “M” (manual) and wireless flash mode, without a tripod, and did some speedlight shots. I tried to set the light at an angle so that it would reflect the light off of the ice crystals and give my image some sparkles. Seems to have worked.

One Thought on “No Hosing the Patio Off Today – Frosty Hard and Stiff!

  1. Striking! The crystals are so intricate, don’t touch them until they’ve melted on their own 🙂

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