The Pink Sun Rise

It was a photo moment sun rise. First I had to battle the elements (killer cold), getting out of bed, walking on the cold floor, then reaching for the thermostat to crank the up heat. What a rough morning, see….

Frosty Morning Jan 13 2013 A small

Once up and about I looked further out side and saw the Sun rising up. The sky was a brilliant pink and green. I raced to get the camera, and threw on my slippers, in my housecoat, to capture the scene with my camera. I used a 30mm lens leaving the camera on automatic, without the flash.

Frosty Morning Jan 13 2013 B small

With the air at a  cool -9C, and the sky lighting up with pink colours all around me, I though about doing some close-up shots of the frost covered vegetation. I got some really awesome shots is frost covered plants with the sky blurred out of the back ground. I love doing bokeh shots.

Frosty Morning Jan 13 2013 C small

Once back inside, I decided to tweak the last photo up using GIMP. I highlighted the colours up a bit, and increased the saturation and temperature of the image. Because I shoot in RAW, the limits of what I can do with each image is extensive.

Morning Rise Jan 13 2013 Edited With GIMP small

Let me know what you think!

ADDED: Oh, by the way, the first shot, of the thermometer, is my replacement thermometer. I lost my original thermometer during the move, back in December. I think the old thermometer is laying on the side of the road somewhere along River Road, Fort Langley, BC. Finding these large size thermometers is hard. I wanted one that is a bi-metal strip type, and has large print, and is fairly opaque so that I can see it at night with the porch light shinning through it from the window.

One Thought on “The Pink Sun Rise

  1. Okay, that photo of trees with the layers of blue and pink sky is AWESOME! I want that in a huge picture to hang above a sofa!! So nice!!!! 😮

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