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This is a quick post on comment spammers. I was working on my website last night, tweaking up some plugins that I use, when I noticed a flood of comment Spam coming through my blog. The odd thing that mystified me was that none of the settings on my comment filters were changed. “What the….” I thought to myself.

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I like to tweak my plugins a lot. Some of my favourite plugins get hacked routinely in there release state, so I take the initiative and do my own security on them. This means re-coding the plugins and WordPress itself, to make them a little bit more difficult for the deviants to hit my site with their crap. My rate of comment spam was virtually Zero, until last night for that One hour period.

When I started editing my plugins, a prospective spammer must have started using his/her scrip(s) when they focused on my site. Only Fifteen comment spam hit my most recent posts, and I managed to get to all but Three that actuality made into the public domain from my site. So, I was lucky.

Long story short, you can never let your guard down with Spammers on your WordPress site! I cannot stress how important it is to keep your site up-to-date, and having the latest security updates current!

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  1. I was wondering too, thinking, there must be lots of football games going on, or lots of stuff to shot? 🙂 I’ve been super busy too.

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