A Cool Photo to Describe the Moment

It has being a little nippy at nights here on the farm. A Twitter friend of mine wanted a cool frosty landscape shot, so this is what I could manage to get with the amount of free time I have. Actually, I was waiting for a moment like this to get this shot, since I drive by that spot almost daily–it is very close to where I live.

Fort Langley Frost on 252 Street Jan 20 2013 small

Like I said, it is a cool photo, get-it, “cool photo,” hah hah. OK, half of everyone I know on Twitter is from a warmer climate, and they like to tell me how hot it is where they live. I shot this this morning on my way back from doing laundry, so kill Two birds with one stone, laundry mixed in with a photoshoot on the way home.

I see on the weather website that we are going to get some warmer/milder weather in the next few days. This makes me happy because my poor furnace has been running almost none-stop for the last week. I am sure I will have a nice little heating bill in the mail soon.

One Thought on “A Cool Photo to Describe the Moment

  1. Thank you!
    It is very, very “Cool” 😎

    When you get your heating bill remember us desert-folks who get high “cooling” bills in the summer 😉

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