Flapping in the Wind

I have been doing some more animation experimenting over the last week, mostly working in Blender, trying to figure out the modeling mesh and sculpting of characters so that I can animate them. Very tough, and a huge learning curve. I get it, but putting it all together is challenging. I need more time to sit down and just practice.


The above is a GIF animation of my latest scene that I did from following a tutorial from Blender Guru, a great website for learning 3D animation on Blender. If you have a slow connection it may take a while for you to load it, as the image is about 2.5MB in size.

So time, and having not enough of it, is the agonizing pain in the back of my mind. This is partly why I have not posted in the last week here on the blog. Every night, when I get home, I head for the PC and start playing around with Blender. The eye-candy that I create from this software is just awesome, and I want to do more. When I sculpt meshes, and animate them, I am just amazed with the results. The above flag animation took only Ten minutes to create from start to finish, but if I had spent a little bit more time on it, I could have probably made the scene look very realistic.


I was also experimenting with creating ice and glass objects in Blender. I was surprised that this was a lot easier than I initially anticipated. It took Five tries to get the materials to work with each mesh object I created, and having the transparency and shadowing effects looking realistic, as I spent most of my time on tweaking the materials in the scene.

Thomasso on Ice or Glass small

I had to “sculpt” the ice cubes with uneven surfaces becuase perfect edged cubes did not look that great. The more irregular I made the ice cubes, the better looking they became. Ice is cool in Blender. LOL!

4 Thoughts on “Flapping in the Wind

  1. Good fun – all this animation 🙂

  2. The Ice is Brilliant!! I needed some!

  3. Thanks guys! I’m having a lot fun with 3D graphics and animation.

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