The January Ending

Finally, the end of the month is here. January is almost done, and gone. It has been a long month, measured in terms of work, money and health. I am hoping that February offers more positive opportunities and satisfaction.

Working two jobs can be nuts at the best of times, and downright impossible at the worst. My day job pays Two Thirds less than my evening part time job, and if given the opportunity to work the evening job fulltime, I would jump at it in a heartbeat. But sadly neither employer is willing to take me on at a more permanent (equitable) position.

My worst utility bill was from having propane hooked up at the request of my landlord. What a rip-off. I can now say with facts that electricity is by far cheaper than burning fossil fuels in British Columbia! Even at $0.14 per kilowatt Hour, heating with electricity is cheaper than burning propane at a $0.90 per Pound. Lesson learned, and when the propane tank is empty, it will get returned.

Health wise, I still have the lingering effects of my bladder infection. The problem was solved as it was a bug that is going around. Still hurts a little bit, but drinking lots of water seems to help keep it at bay. Ouch!

Here is hoping that February is better. To quote my mother, “there is now One month of winter behind us.” Good positive thinking as there is only Two more months to go until it is officially spring.

One Thought on “The January Ending

  1. Hope your job situation gets better.
    May I suggest – mixing apple cider vinegar in your water for your infection? If you want to try I’ll tweet you the “directions” later.
    Our winter had turned into summer for a few days, but now its Feb- the coldest month of the year 😀

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