Creation of 3D Manga Gamer Girl

I am almost halfway through this tutorial of creating a Manga Girl game character (low poly mesh) in Blender.¬† This Blender Manga Girl creation tutorial has in its self challenges on top of the actual learning course material, and that is, the video was done in 2009, back when Blender was something like Version 1.5. Today, Blender has evolved to Version 2.6, with changes to short-cut keys, and to its main interface. Can we say “confusion.” But, this is one of the most comprehensive easy to follow “How To’s” that I have found so far.

GIRL 001 blend

The web site that I am following can be found here: Model, UV, and Texture a Complete Manga Character, from the Blender nation Blog. And, of course, I am running Blender on Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 platform.

The screen shot was when I was Three-Quarters of the way through the first of seven video tutorials, creating the torso.

Manga Girl Step 01 Feb 02 2013

The above is the rendered image of step one, completed. As you can see, the head and hands are next, along with the hair, clothes and UV mapping for the colours afterwards.

I also need to point out that I am not doing this just to create a game character, or that I am getting into drawing Manga Japanese cartoon people, but I wish to learn the art of creating Three dimensional human like objects. Sadly, this tutorial is the only one that I could find, that is free, and has a fast work flow. There are other tutorials, but I found that they spend to much time tweaking a single UV point  and making it perfect, than the actual process from start to finish in less than an hour. I just need the basics.

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