It is Best We Do Not Have a Groundhog?

Awh yes, good old folklore, when the furry ground rodent sees its shadow on February 2dn, then there comes Six more weeks of winter. If we had a groundhog here in Fort Langley, then depending on the fog from the Fraser River, and whether it lived along the hills of Glenn Valley, then I could deduce that we will have Three weeks of winter to come, not six. Because the down town groundhog would not have seen its shadow until midday. However, by midday, the sun did shine through the fog in Glenn Valley also, and if the groundhog was still awake, then it would spell Six more weeks hence forth. So, I say if the groundhog was able to keep awake until noon, which I doubt, then fine; however, we have to split it down the middle–Three more weeks of winter to come!

I know groundhogs: they like to sleep in during the days of winter.

The Place is Warming Up Feb 2 2013 small image

When the Sun broke through the fog today, the forest erupted with mist from the heat. It was like magic. The Sun felt so nice.

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