Low Poly Mesh

I have gone back to basics with Blender becuase I found a whole bunch of tools that I never knew existed before with the program. I also have several projects going at the same time too. This, Blender, is now my new time vampire.

Low Poly Martian Scene Feb 01 2013 small

Warning – sever technical talk: The above image is just a simple low poly image created in Blender, but I have started using the Material Tools, plus the Mirror Modifier to their fullest potential. This image, I am using numerous different materials, assigning different areas of the mesh rather than assigning everything as one object. I never knew that I could this in edit mode before. I wondered how artists and game programmers created these low poly objects with so much detail. I also started with UV mapping too–a far advanced method of painting objects. This world just got a lot bigger for me!

The time vampire issue with learning Blener is that I now have Three project going on at once now. I am working on a video tutorial that is Four hours long which translates into Ten hours for me as I follow it along. This “course” is creating a human female (becuase I like human females) using UV mapping for a low poly game character. I have no ambition in creating game characters, but the animation part is what excited me to do this. The second project is another course learning scene development. This is more or less learning the art of creating background objects and making them look very photo realistic. And of course, animation, as I have a really cool tutorial on camera motion, which I just started today.

I have set aside some time this weekend to sit in front of my screen and go through these courses. Hopefully I will have some cool results to post by tomorrow. I have come so far in the world of computer graphics.

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