Pain of Pennies Worth a Cent

I just had to write a post on the last official day of the Canadian Penny as it is now out of circulation. I for one am happy to see the little copper coloured coin go out of circulation. I have so many, they are weighing down my coin jar(s)…. (I had to plural the word “jar” becuase I have Three coin jars going right now, and I bet one of them weighs nearly 5Kgs). With inflation, and currency devaluations around the world, our One Cent coin is more of a pain in the pocket, than useful.

BYE BYE PENNY FEB 04 2013 Small

It is obvious that we will still see the coins for some time to come as there were so many of them put into circulation by the Canadian Mint. I know many stores will keep on giving them out, and accepting them. Come to think of it, I never give the pennies back when I buy stuff? I just keep getting back the change. Oddly too, is that the One Cent value will still be the bases of the Canadian Currency–the Dollar will always still have One Hundred Cents in it.

I wonder if I will ever have the time and energy to roll them up and give them back to any-old Bank so that they can be melted down and recycled into more sizable denomination of coinage by the Mint?

Oh well, for now it is business as usual–I will keep hanging on to the coins until the loads of jars get to a point that they are getting in the way. For now, one of the jars is a door stop becuase it just happened to be the heaviest object around that was dispensable for me to use.

In our parking lot at my work, there is a penny on the ground, and it has been there for over a week. Not even the homeless will take the time to pick it up and use it. Perhaps the timing could not have been better–good ridden to the little copper coloured coin that is the base denomination of our currency!

Bye bye, farewell little Penny!

One Thought on “Pain of Pennies Worth a Cent

  1. you can go with your pennies to safeway they have a machine which will do it for you in exchange for a just have to pour the coins inside..

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