When an Old Neighbour Is In Trouble: Tragedy of a House Fire

When I read an on-line Tweet from my Twitter feed, following the Langley Times new paper, they reported that a fire destroyed a travel trailer in Fort Langley last night around 2:00am, my heart jumped out. When I read the address, that it was on McBride Street, my heart almost stopped. I tried to phone some neighbours who still live in the area, but they must have been at their work. So, after work today, I drove over to the site, and sure enough, there was a gutted out trailer that had massive fire. I did know the person who lived in there; thankfully he is OK.

The news story said that the fire started from an oil filled portable heater that ignited flammable materials becuase it was too close them, however, talking to neighbours, they say that the fire first started in the fridge and furnace area of the trailer. The trailers on either side of the lot also had heat and smoke damage from the blaze. Thankfully no one was injured from the incident.

It is so scary when I see these types of tragic events. I myself, when I was very young, experienced a house fire that destroyed everything we owned. My heart goes out to all effected.

Out of respect for my friends, I will not to post names, lot numbers and photos of the fire after math. I will say that event took place at the Lombardy Trailer Park in Fort Langley, BC.

2 Thoughts on “When an Old Neighbour Is In Trouble: Tragedy of a House Fire

  1. I’m glad no one was hurt in the fire!! That’s awful about the fire when you were young.

  2. Yes, I know the feeling of loosing everything.

    I will send you an email soon of the details from the Park. So many were affected this tragedy, and there will be lots of finger pointing in the day to come.

    Thanks for the comment Sheri.

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