Gems, Blender Render Style

What else to do on a rainy holiday morning, enjoying British Columbia’s very first BC Family Day, but to sit down in front of the warm glow of the monitor and create scenes in Blender. I wanted to spend some time diving into Blender’s add ons, which include gears, gems stones and other presets that either come with the software, or you download. I have not downloaded anything yet for Blender becuase I am still exploring the stuff that is available with it now, but I will, eventually. So, here is my first Gems Scene.

Gems Rendered from Cycles in Blender Feb 11 2013 02b

The above scene I rendered in Cycles, and I used the Glass materials default for the Gems. I am now getting into renders that are taking longer as the objects are getting more complex and detailed. I could never spend the time nor have the patients to sit down and create a mesh for gems stone like these. Great little shortcut/add-on/plugin.

Anyway, I wanted to share this.

ADDED: I just rendered this scene, the gears from the Gears Addons in Blender (version 2.65a).

My First Blender Gears Feb 11 2013b

And of course, just like the Gems Scene, I used the Cycles render method in Blender.

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