Knots are funny things in my mind. I often hear knots used as analogies to troublesome or life shaking events, like, “tying the knot,” or “it left a knot in my stomach.” Knots are also those little nasty mishaps a child (or sometimes affecting an adult) gets when learning to tie ones shoes, or a bad Boy Scout demonstration on One Hundred and One uses for rope.

So I asked myself this question today about when it is time to walk away from a hopeless situation, or when untying an knot is just pointless, a waste of time and resources.

Knot - small image

So here is my knot, in Blender, the perfect symbol of a virtual knot that does not matter if it needs to be untied, pulled even harder, or just cut it away to make way for more knots down the line.

If you find yourself getting lots of knots, do not sweat it, buy Velcro running shoes, or slip-ons and pull-overs to avoid future knots. Practice also make perfect in the art of knot avoidance too. Sometime, like fishing for example, you will hit a snag that will get your line all knotted up, but this is OK, only becuase you could not see it coming. It is at that point then that you make your choice: do I spend a ton of time untangling it, or just cut the line and move on.


2 Thoughts on “Knots

  1. Hi. I am glad that you are never to old to play with your toys. I have some interesting news for you. You would never believe……. (I lost your email address, can you please email me and I will share with you!)

  2. Hey Julia,

    Done – sent you off an email.

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