Outside Cleaning: Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today is a good day for cleaning outside. After almost Three months of neglect due to the effects of winter (and just being lazy), I thought catching the rays of the Sun, and cleaning would hand in hand. It feels like spring outside right now. My patio thermometer registered a brisk 10C, and the rain stopped as the clouds parted enough to make the blue sky dominant.

Cleaning the Pathfinder Feb 16 2013 b

It feels nice to get so much done with the right conditions. This is almost the perfect weekend for outside cleaning.  Above, is a shot of my nice clean Pathfinder (Nissan vehicle), gleeming in the rays of Sun just after I scrubbed it and hosed it off. It will get dirty again, tomorrow, when I drive it on the roads going into town. We have so much construction going on that the roads are filthy from all the dump-trucks loosing their dirt on them. Add rain to the dirty roads, and you get a muddy vehicle. But still it is worth it; having that nice clean vehicle sitting in your driveway under the Sun.

One Thought on “Outside Cleaning: Fun, Fun, Fun!

  1. Yes, yesterday (the day you wrote this) was so nice and sunny. Our kitchen here gets the rays and it makes it so nice and yes, cheerful. 🙂

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