Happy Machine Equals Happy User

Yes, a happy machine equals a very happy user, and when you get the machine (my personal computer, P.C.) working at optimum peak performance, the world begins to become a better happy place, or, well, even a better happy world than it was. Over the last while I have been playing around with some graphic software that requires the heavy use of high-end hardware, lots of RAM and CPU power, some much needed resources to do the things I wanted to do. I did some shopping, bought some “goodies,” and did the upgrades to my PC. After all that I was struggling to get my machine to perform the tasks that I wanted, and I was perplexed as to why I was not getting the performance I expected with all the new hardware I added. Then it dawned on me that I was running a 32bit OS, when I should have been using 64bit.

I was wasting RAM becuase I could allocate it; and same with my graphics card, something that has 2Gs of Video RAM in it. In Blender, you can assign Cache Memory to the CPU, and render in Video RAM for much faster results, but not in 32bit mode. So I spent most of my weekend doing the upgrade to Ubuntu 64bit, 12.04.

The time vampire was backing up all of my data. I have a 2TB harddrive, and a 2TB external harddrive, so I wanted to back up all of my PC harddrive onto that. Twenty-Three hours later, that part of the job was done. Installing the 64bit version of Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop, took about Twenty minutes. Yes, TWENTY minutes, as my Window$ install for a friend took triple that amount of time. I was very happy that the install was super quick.

Once everything was done, I installed Blender, and for the first time I can now change the Cache setting to match what I have for RAM, and choose to render in Video RAM, instead of using the CPU. I am a happy user once again! Now I am going to bed as I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I will tweak everything back to the way I like it!

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