Socail Parasites Suck

Nothing like getting a letter in the Post that says that you owe more than Ten Thousand Dollars to the Government in the form of business (and personal) taxes. The Man in this case is our friends over at Revenue Canada who decided that since I was the only one out of my former partners who surrendered contact information, (and I doled out my Social Insurance Number), they are attacking me for the rest of the Four-Fifths of the phantom money that they say is outstanding. The shock from the letter almost sent me into tears, then panic, then for a moment of disbelief, then that droning feeling of stress that is still with me today. When I disagree with the Taxes, I call it a social parasite problem, but when I get wrongfully taxed, well, then, it is larceny.

Tax man Colling 2013 a

Let me back up and paint the picture for you. Three years ago when I was just leaving University, me and Four other friends (graduates) decided to start our little program working in the field of rehabilitation with inmates from/under Corrections Canada. It was a grand and an ambitious project. If we raised the seed money, and got the project off the ground, then the government would follow through. But first we had to qualify, and by that I mean we had to put the cash on the table. In 2009, the economic crash was killing many economies, so dealing with the Banks, especially here in Canada, was next to impossible, so we funned everything right out of our own pockets. We did this with the understanding that if this should fail, we would take our money and leave, and call it a bad day becuase nothing was invested. With the onset of the Harper Government, the paradigm shifted as Corrections Canada was left with a huge funding shortfall and a booming prison population. So out went our project, and aspirations–right down the drain.

When I left the project in 2010, I had just graduated, and after that had little contact with the rest of my group. One member moved to Ontario, and Two others moved down to the States to be with their families–the other, I completely lost contact with her. I am the only one who stayed, pretty much at the same address and kept the same phone number. Because the money that I posted for the project earned some interest, I had to declare that as income; fair enough, as I was only looking at a cost of less than One Hundred Dollars in taxes. Sadly my friends did not do any book-keeping when they took their money, and as a consequence, Big Brother is assuming that everyone cheated him from not paying their taxes. Strangely enough, Big Brother cannot contact, or even find, the rest of the group? You would figure with all of those resources, like secret police, and armies of lawyers working for him, tracking down tax evaders would be a cinch you would think?

So, I have a hearing/meeting/court in August in which Big brother has invited me to defend myself in, and fork over his money. I am hoping to avoid this. I just sent off a letter stating the whole chain of events, but somehow I think Big Brother wants the money first, then we sit down and talk. I know that this is just a paperwork, fill-out-the-forms paper chase, and once all of the “I’s” are dotted, and the “T’s” crossed, this will be just one bad dream.

As for my friends, they stopped taking my calls. Nice friends, eh?

Well, I have their application forms from the project, with all of their personal data on it, so that is my ace-in-the-hole. Hopefully Big Brother will see common sense, and the error of his ways, and leave me alone.

Yes, I am angry at the whole situation. The last thing I need right now are my wages being garnished. That would suck. So I pace back and forth, thinking, planning, stressing out, thinking what should I do. So much for being honest–and filling my taxes from this. Sheesh. Perhaps running (like the rest of the group did) is the best thing to do? This is all one big fat mistake!

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