Smile On a Post-it

Work has not been going that great either. Working Two jobs is taxing me out, but amid the politics and chaos someone with a great big heart stuck this Post-it note on my workstation today when I was not looking. I smiled as the flower smiled back at me.

My Happy Place Feb 22 2013 small

The more I looked at the piece of paper, the more I smiled at it. I have no idea who posted it at my desk, and deep down inside me I kind of want it to be a mystery. For a shimmering moment I was completely happy at my work.

Work has not been going so well either, lately. At my day job, the economy is taking us for a beating there as we try to weather the slow season out. Hanging onto profit seems like catching water with a sieve. I fear that I may have to leave, or face the eventual lay-off if they cannot turn things around.

The worrying issues I have is that with all of the panicking and uncertainty, the owners are caught between letting us go, or changing the way the company works. I am finding myself in a tricky situation when I am needed by everyone at the same time, so the various departments fight over my labour. This makes me sad as they squabble. The division between the departments is taking its toll on me, and my attitude towards the company. I fear I my have to leave as a result.

Fortunately I have my Second job to fall back on if chaos turns into a meltdown. The back-up plan is only a last resort as even with both jobs I find it just manageable to staying afloat economically.

The flower took me away from that, for a moment. For a moment I felt great, and I hope that I can feel that again, but even longer and real soon! Thank you, who ever you are- thank you!

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